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Small & Home-Based Business Startup Workshop

Starting a home business may sound overwhelming at first, but when you have a "blueprint" to follow, you will see that not only is a business start-up possible, it's going to be exciting and fun. MEDI's 1 ½ hour Small and Home-Based Business Startup Workshop will provide step-by-step instructions on topics including: writing a business plan, pros and cons of a home-based business, research and marketing, licensing, and taxes, ownership structure, sales techniques, and more.


MEDI’s Small Business Startup Workshop prepares new and potential business owners to start and operate a small business in today's competitive market. Also, maximize start-up businesses’ probability to succeed by improving individuals’ knowledge of business, especially at the startup stage, competitiveness, and management skills.  These workshops are primarily for potential or new startups, but can provide valuable training, knowledge, information, and understanding to businesses less than three (3) years old.


MEDI's goal is to increase the number of small and minority-owned businesses that start, obtain licenses, permits, etc. and that learn and adopt sound business principles such as budgeting, marketing, and planning


Contact MEDI at 270.885.8885 or click here to see when the next workshop will be scheduled.  



Business Plan Development Workshop for Startups and Expansions

The Business Plan Development Workshop is designed on helping the aspiring and expanding business owner make progress and increase their chances for success with a comprehensive and accurate business plan.  With step-by-step guidance on how to prepare a business plan to ensure that all of the necessary elements for a successful business are in place. The first steps for creating a business plan draft will be included. Specifics of marketing, finance, legal, regulatory issues, operations, information based planning and management are also key components of this workshop.


A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. When the existing business is to assume a major change or when planning a new venture - a 3 to 5 year business plan is essential.


This workshop will help with the practical do's and don'ts in preparing a Business Plan. Things to keep in mind in writing a Business Plan which will improve your chances of obtaining funding and running a successful business.


When registering, each attendee will be asked to a) provide a brief business description and b) where they are in the business plan process. After the workshop, many of the clients are advised to work on a business plan and then come back for a one-on-one counseling session to review of the extensive process of your personal business plan. 


Contact MEDI at 270.885.8885 or click here to see when the next workshop will be scheduled. 



Business to Buyer Procurement Luncheons


MEDI is proud to introduce its newest initiative to Western Kentucky! Business-to-Buyer Procurement Luncheons are concentrated efforts to present new business markets and opportunities to businesses.  Business-to-Buyer Procurement Luncheons help local and regional small businesses learn of contracting opportunities; and help improve prime contractors and major purchasers identify small businesses that are ready, willing and able to do the job.


The value is for both Businesses and Buyers:

  • Businesses will learn how (steps/processes/requirements) and who (contact/network) to contract and sell its products and services to
  • Buyers improve their cost efficiencies by increasing the number of qualified businesses bid on providing supplies and contracts
  • Businesses will learn what bid opportunities exist or are being planned from each presenter


During these luncheons small businesses will learn to (1) identify contracting opportunities (2) signup to receive electronic messages about bid opportunities in state government (3) register as a potential vendor with the State (4) be matched with a prime contractor and more.


All businesses looking for new clients and business opportunities should attend.


Contact MEDI at 270.885.8885 or click here to see when the next workshop will be scheduled.  



MEDI "Presents" Seminars

MEDI "Presents" are quarterly sessions that provide insight, information and advocacy that improves the business environment for entrepreneurs, small, minority and women-owned businesses throughout Western Kentucky.



Contact MEDI at 270.885.8885 for more information or click here to see when the next workshop will be scheduled. 

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